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Bank account opening

Simplify and accelerate UAE bank account setup

Visa/MasterCard debit and credit cards

24/7 online account management

Airline miles & bonuses

Assure personal account opening within 2-4 days
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What services do we offer?

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    We select the most reliable banks and the best tariffs tailored to your needs

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    We help you secure premium banking and introduce you to a personal banker dedicated to resolving any challenges you may encounter

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    We provide free guidance on depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as using the account to prevent potential bank-related issues and inquiries

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    We handle all necessary document preparation, assist with any queries on submission day, and guide you through the bank verification process

We undertake even difficult cases and open bank accounts for our clients who have previously been turned down Professional approach in opening personal and corporate bank accounts. We cooperate with the largest banks in the UAE

Наши бухгалтеры регулярно проходят тренинги и участвуют в конференциях

Необходимое для работы программное обеспечение, сервисы - входят в стоимость услуги

Осуществляем регулярный аудит качества работы бухгалтеров

Вся полученная информация хранится строго конфиденциально.

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Our competitive edge

Analyzing your business framework

Prioritizing short-term savings during registration may lead to unforeseen expenses later on. Taking a comprehensive approach, we carefully analyze your business needs and goals, assess potential risks, and consider long-term plans. This enables us to assist you in optimizing taxes, reducing employee visa expenses, and minimizing costs associated with office rental or storage, ensuring a well-rounded and sustainable approach to your business operations.

Streamlining the registration process

We value your time and strive for efficiency. You only need to be physically present in Dubai when the necessary documents are ready, agreements are in place, and preliminary checks have been completed. Personal presence is required solely for obtaining the Emirates ID and opening a bank account

Offering comprehensive banking support

With our extensive network of reputable banks in the UAE, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of banking services that contribute to your financial advancement. Our offerings include personalized solutions for capital migration, private banking services, and tailored investment strategies

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